About Me

No Books (or People) Were Harmed in the Taking of This Picture

Allison Hawn has spent her life collecting adventures. Haphazardly stumbling through twenty moves over her lifetime, she managed to pick up a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, worked as a street outreach worker for homeless and at-risk youth, operated a program for domestic violence victims, taught self-defense and combat courses, served as head of security for a homeless shelter and managed to do all of this with a minimal amount of bodily injury.

Allison currently lives in Phoenix, where she is working on a Master’s Degree in Communication Advocacy, but calls a plethora of cities, hamlets and hole in the wall coffee shops home. She has three books, Life is a Circus Run by a Platypus, Life is a Pirate Ship Run by a Velociraptor and Life is a Roller Derby Run by a Sphinx.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter (@AllisonHawn) and instagram (@AtillaTheHawn)!