Friday, March 13, 2015

And the Winner Is...

Hello all! I hope your weeks have been more fantastic than the thought of a hundred-thousand gerbils running through Central Park to the tune of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.

Well, for those of you waiting with bated (or non-bated) breath, the results of the contest are in! Thank you everyone who voted on Facebook, it was pretty close between a couple there right at the end.

The title of my third book, if I can ever get it off the ground, will be "Life is a Roller Derby Run by a Sphinx!"

Out of the 50 or so people who voted, I also drew a random name for a signed copy of "Life is a Pirate Ship Run by a Velociraptor" and that person is Kendra Wisenbaker!

So congratulations to Kendra Wisenbaker! Thank you all again for participating in my 'moment of indecision' contest! 

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