Friday, January 10, 2014

A Treasure Hunt for the Mind

Hello all! I hope your weeks have been more fantastic than the thought of a thousand bulldog puppies in hamster balls running about to the sounds of The 1812 Overture!

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I have a confession to make, I am a bookstore junky. Specifically an independent bookstore junky.

There's just something about wandering through the stacks and shelves of books for a few hours that feels like an adventure all its own. The quirkier the bookstore, the more I love it. Even the used bookstores where nothing is organized make me smile, after all, who knows what treasures can be found sitting between a 1950's guide to homemaking and old editions of "Sports Illustrated" magazines.

I have happily lost entire days immersed in countless mysteries, science fiction adventures and philosophical queries.

One of my favorite little book nooks is a small shop in downtown Spokane called Monkeyboy Books. On my last visit, I asked owner Marina Drake, who possibly has the best name outside of a novel herself, if she would be willing to give the bookstore owner's side of the story.

Marina was kind enough to answer my questions (which, if you've read any of my previous interviews with authors, you know how brave she was being). But answer she did:

It's Harder to Find This Kind of Bliss in Barnes and Noble
How long has Monkeyboy Books been in business? 

4 years (I've owned the business for only a year).

What made you want to own a bookshop? 

It was a life long dream to be able to have my children grow in such a wonderful environment.

What is your favorite part about being in the business of books?
Meeting new and passionate people, and being able to physically hand them the book they were looking for, sometimes for years. Feeling the happiness that people experience by just being among old books.

Is there any particular type of book that your shop specializes in? 
We carry about every genre and type but rare and out-of-print is our specialty. Of course all are used!
 All Autographed Works

In an age of chain stores and e-books, why do you feel independent book shops are important?
It gives a unique, sensual experience that chain stores and, of course e-books, are not able to provide.

Do you have any special events planned at your bookshop in the near future?  

Nothing set in stone right now but possible conversation/reading circles and private French classes (classes will be at the Interplayers' to start with).

If you could have tea with any literary character, which one would you choose and why?

Love this question! But do I have really have to choose one?

OK! No sci-fi character because books don't exist any longer then...Elementary my Dear Watson : Mr Holmes, for his genius, acute sense of observation and cynical tendencies (sounds terrible, I know, but can't help it: I'm French you know)

No! Tintin 'cause I love traveling and adventures and London in the late 1800, ugh! Oh but he certainly wouldn't take the time to sit for tea!

So, Jeeves, on his free time and in a nice and classy place. Oh dear! That is hard!

If you're ever in Spokane I would highly suggest wandering into Monkeyboy Books for a look around. I have found countless treasures there. I also just want to say, support your local small bookshops, they are an amazing gift to their surrounding communities.

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